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Kids Book of Canadian Immigration

The Kids Book of Canadian Immigration

Illustrated by John Mantha; published by Kids Can Press.

Canada is a diverse land with a rich immigration history. Our roots begin with the Aboriginal peoples who have lived here since time immemorial and extend to the wide array of newcomers who have arrived over hundreds of years from almost every part of the globe. People from more than 200 cultures now call Canada home — and each one has a fascinating story to tell. Many of their stories, past and present, and their amazing contributions to this country are told in these pages.

Featuring stories of ethnic groups, mini-profiles, maps, archival documents and first-person accounts, this richly illustrated title is a celebration of multicultural Canada and a comprehensive look at our fascinating immigration history. (Check your library for a copy.)

• Information Book Award, Honour Book, Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada
• Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize, Finalist, BC Book Prizes
• Honor Book in Social Studies: K-6, Society of School Librarians International
• Our Choice starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
• Best Books for 2007, Resource Links

“This outstanding book takes readers on a journey through time, helping them to understand the cultural makeup of this country… Well-researched and informative, with the added appeal of personal anecdotes, this book has a definite place in any school or public library.” Canadian Materials Magazine

“The text explores the subject thoroughly and from a variety of vantage points… Memorable for their frankness are the first-person accounts from a group of young people ranging in age from 11 to 14, from countries like Russia, Ukraine and Chile. While each is delighted to be a new Canadian, many describe the losses and difficulties of all immigrants…” Globe and Mail

Rain Forest Animals

rain forest animalsIllustrated by Pat Stephens; published by Kids Can Press

The rain forest is home to amazing animals whose bodies are built for living among the tall trees and lush green plants. Toucans, emerald tree boas and jaguars all have special ways of finding food, staying safe and raising their young in a warm, wet tropical forest.

Read about:
• the sloth who eats and sleeps hanging upside down in a tree
• the gorilla who beats its chest like a drum to scare away its enemies
• the jaguar who kills its prey with one ferocious bite

Who Lives Here?

This series looks at animals in their natural habitats – rain forests, polar regions, deserts and wetlands – and explains how the body and habits of each animal are suited to the place it lives. Charming, realistic illustrations, playful language and intriguing facts make these books a perfect read for young children.

“Highly Recommended!” National Science Teachers Association

rain forest animals

Wild Cats

cougars, bobcats and lynxIllustrated by Nancy Gray Ogle; published by Kids Can Press

The eating habits of wild cats is one of fourteen topics in this look at the three North American wild cats — cougars, bobcats and lynx. You’ll find out where wild cats live, how they give birth and raise their kittens, what they eat and much more.

Did you know?
• one lynx eats up to 200 snowshoe hares a year
• wild kittens purr like pet cats
• cougars are the biggest and fastest cats in North America

Kids Can Press Wildlife Series

Easy-to-read text, well-organized information and beautiful illustrations make this series is an excellent choice for students doing their first research projects. Featuring North American animals, these books describe where an animal lives, what it eats and how it raises its young.

• Parents’ Choice Approval, U.S. Parents’ Choice Foundation
• Best Books for Children by Science Books and Films
• “Pick of the Lists” by American Bookseller
• Our Choice selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

“A beautifully illustrated book.” Science Activities

cougars, bobcat and lynx

Rescuing the Children, The Story of the Kindertransport

Published by Tundra Books

This book tells the story of how ten thousand Jewish children were rescued from Nazi Europe just before the outbreak of World War 2. They were saved by the Kindertransport — a rescue mission that transported the children (or Kinder) from Nazi-controlled countries to safety in Britain.

The book includes real-life accounts of the children and is illustrated with archival photographs, paintings of pre-war Nazi Germany by artist, Hans Jackson, and original art by the Kinder commemorating their rescue.

• National Jewish Book Awards, Finalist, Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Jewish Book Council
• Information Book Award, Honour Book, Children’s Literature Roundtable of Canada
• Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Nonfiction, Finalist
• Lasting Connections of 2012 List, Book Links, American Library Association
• Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award, shortlist
• The Year’s Best Books, Resource Links, 2012

“Even with all the books out there about the Kindertransport, readers will grab this exemplary title for historical research and for personal reading.” Starred Review, Booklist, American Library Association

“Explaining the Holocaust is never easy, but Hodge does an outstanding job of describing the horrors of what was happening and then putting them in a historical context that is comprehensible to even young students with only a passing knowledge of the period.” School Library Journal