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About Me
I’m a former primary school teacher and curriculum writer who has truly enjoyed speaking to students over the years. However, I am mainly devoting my time to writing these days and am not as available for school visits as I once was. For the most part, I am limiting my visits to schools near my Vancouver home.

Feel free to get in touch via the Contact page if you’d like to inquire about a to visit to your school or library. If my time and schedule allows, I’d be happy to consider it.

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Content of Presentation
Using visuals from my recent books, I describe the process of creating a book: from idea, to research and writing, to art and finished pages. I talk about where ideas come from and how to incorporate an idea into both fiction and nonfiction works. I also share amazing facts about local wildlife and bring animal furs, skulls and shells for the students to examine.

Older students may also like to hear about the inspiration and research for my history books, while younger children may prefer to learn more about my picture books. If there is a particular book you would like me to speak about, please feel free to ask.

Length of Presentation
A presentation is usually 45 – 60 minutes, depending on the audience age.

Audience Age and Size
My presentations are most suitable for Grades 1-4. I prefer an audience of two classes or about 50 – 60 students, but will consider up to three classes at a time. This size allows the presentation to be interactive and engaging for the students. I’m happy to do two presentations per day.

My fees are the standard Canada Council rate for author readings. If you are a teacher at an inner city or needy school, please inquire about my reduced rates.