Coming Soon!

I was excited to receive copies of my upcoming book West Coast Wild Babies! Hooray!

It is the second book in a series I’ve been working on about the Pacific west coast – in particular, the glorious coastal region of western Vancouver Island. The book is a sequel to West Coast Wild.

Some of you may know the spectacular stretch of pristine nature that can be explored from Ucluelet to Tofino. It may be my favourite place in the world! I have loved writing books for kids about this awe-inspiring region and its wild inhabitants.

In this new book, young readers will be introduced to fourteen wild baby animals born in the springtime – in the ocean, on the shore, or deep inside the ancient rainforest. The babies include: wolf pups, cougar kittens, bear cubs, eaglets, whale calves and more. Kids will see these remarkable creatures thriving in their coastal home.

Karen Reczuch’s beautiful art shows many scenes of gentle affection between the offspring and their parents.

Here’s one of a new sea otter pup and its mother, snoozing among the kelp. More to come!

West Coast Wild Babies
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