West Coast Wild Babies

Illustrated by Karen Reczuch, published by Groundwood Books

It’s spring on the Pacific west coast and new life is stirring! Wild babies are being born — in the ocean, on the shore and deep inside the ancient rainforest. Meet the wolf pups, bear cubs, whale calves, eaglets and salmon fry that begin their life in the pristine wilderness of this magnificent place.

In this second book in the West Coast Wild series, readers can visit the spectacular Pacific Rim region and be introduced to a fascinating group of fourteen wild baby animals thriving in their coastal home. The beautiful illustrations are detailed and lifelike, and convey a lovely sense of warmth between the wild parents and their young.

The book includes a note about the Pacific west coast and the need to preserve its rare and awe-inspiring wilderness regions, as well as suggestions for further reading and exploration.

A succinct and satisfying first look at some fascinating creatures.” Kirkus Reviews

Through a superb soft palette of watercolour and coloured pencil, this book peeks into the majestic wilderness of spring on the northern Pacific Rim.” Mighty Village

[Hodge’s] text … is poetic and perfectly accompanied by Karen Reczuch’s watercolour and coloured pencil illustrations.CanLit for Little Canadians

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