A Year Later

It’s now been a year since the pandemic became our reality and what a challenging year it has been. For all of us, I know.

In publishing news: I had a new book released just as the world came to a halt. I feared the worst for its success in reaching readers, as speaking engagements, launches and school visits were cancelled. It seemed that all the time spent prior to the book’s release — perfecting the language, reviewing the gorgeous art, adjusting text to illustrations, writing promotional pieces and everything else that is involved with producing a new work — now seemed an exercise in futility.

So when my royalty statement turned up a few weeks ago, I was reassured to see that all had not been lost. The book had, in spite of my many misgivings, sold some copies and was in a number of bookstores I surveyed.

I checked in with the VP of our publishing house and asked how the year had been for books overall. I was happy to hear that it had not been as dire as everyone had predicted early on in the pandemic. It turns out that a lot of people have spent the past year reading, and especially reading with children. What good news!

And so, I continue to forge on with writing and feel a hint of optimism for us and our world. Take care of yourselves and keep reading!

Happy Earth Day!
Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers