Winter Thoughts

Winter is on the horizon and, even though the weather is colder, it is a time of year I enjoy. In fact, I love every season of the year and am always grateful we live in a place where we experience four distinct seasons.

Also, I am conscious of the festive time quickly approaching and thinking about the many wonderful titles there are to choose from when thinking of gifts for family and friends. What better way to shop than to visit your favourite bookstore!

And, finally, as schools head toward their winter break, I think of the children living in our city who may need a warm, safe and happy space to spend their time over the holidays. That’s why I am always glad to support our local KidSafe organization. I know that children will be provided with fun, food and caring staff.

This snowman card was created by one of the children at KidSafe. I love their cards! If you’d like to support the important work of this group, please see their website for more information. Happy holidays!

Powell River Welcome