Wetland Animals

wetland animalsIllustrated by Pat Stephens; published by Kids Can Press

Wetlands are home to amazing animals whose bodies are built for living in or near the water. Hippos, crocodiles and anacondas all have special ways of finding food, staying safe and raising their young in a watery habitat.

Read about:
• the hippopotamus who weighs as much as four heavy pianos
• the bullfrog who takes in water through its skin instead of drinking
• the crocodile, a fierce hunter who roars like a lion

Who Lives Here?

This series looks at animals in their natural habitats – rain forests, polar regions, deserts and wetlands – and explains how the body and habits of each animal are suited to the place it lives. Charming, realistic illustrations, playful language and intriguing facts make these books a perfect read for young children.

“Highly Recommended!” National Science Teachers Association

wetland animals

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