Savanna Animals

savanna animalsIllustrated by Pat Stephens; published by Kids Can Press

The savanna is home to exciting animals whose bodies are suited to living on the warm, grassy plain. Elephants, giraffes, lions, meerkats, zebras and other animals have special ways of finding food, raising families and protecting themselves in this habitat with long dry seasons and shorter rainy seasons.

Read about:
• the black mamba who is the fastest snake in the world
• the lion, a fierce hunter with powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth
• the giraffe who stands as tall as a two-storey building

Who Lives Here?

This series looks at animals in their natural habitats – rain forests, polar regions, deserts and wetlands – and explains how the body and habits of each animal are suited to the place it lives. Charming, realistic illustrations, playful language and intriguing facts make these books a perfect read for young children.

“Highly Recommended!” National Science Teachers Association

savanna animals

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