West Coast Wild at Low Tide

Coming Soon! (March 2022)

Illustrated by Karen Reczuch; published by Groundwood Books

Imagine what you might see on a beach walk at low tide…

At the edge of the Pacific Ocean, where land and sea meet, lies a narrow strip of beach called the intertidal zone. Endless tides move back and forth across the zone twice a day. Here a remarkable community of hardy shoreline creatures flourishes in an environment of ever-changing conditions.

In the third book in the West Coast Wild series, young readers will discover brightly colored sea stars, a giant Pacific octopus, busy hermit crabs, delicate sand dollars, fish that camouflage and other intriguing marine animals. Enjoy learning fascinating facts about each creature as Karen Reczuch’s vibrant watercolor illustrations bring the magnificent shoreline and its unique inhabitants to life.


West Coast Wild ABC