salmonIllustrated by Nancy Gray Ogle; published by Kids Can Press.

When salmon are ready to spawn, they struggle upstream to their birthplace. Their remarkable journey is just one of the twelve topics discussed in this look at Pacific salmon and Atlantic salmon. You’ll find out about different salmon species, the salmon life cycle, their place in the food chain and much more.

Did you know?
• salmon live in both fresh and salt water during their lifetime
• scientists can tell the age of a salmon by counting the rings on one of its scales
• some salmon lay up to 8000 eggs

Kids Can Press Wildlife Series

Easy-to-read text, well-organized information and beautiful illustrations make this series is an excellent choice for students doing their first research projects. Featuring North American animals, these books describe where an animal lives, what it eats and how it raises its young.

• Parents’ Choice Approval, U.S. Parents’ Choice Foundation
• Best Books for Children by Science Books and Films
• “Pick of the Lists” by American Bookseller
• Our Choice selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

“A very worthwhile resource book for the inquisitive elementary school student that deserves a place in every school and public library.” Science Books and Films


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