Cooking with Bear

Illustrated by Lisa Cinar; published by Groundwood Books

When Bear wakes up after a long, cold winter, he makes a special spring lunch and invites Fox to join him. The food is delicious, and Fox asks Bear to teach him how to cook.

They walk through the forest collecting honey, nuts and other wild ingredients, and greet their friends along the way. With an armload of tasty foods, Bear and Fox return to Bear’s den and cook up a feast to share.

Afterwards, Bear writes down his recipes so that Fox (and you!) can enjoy many marvellous meals. His cookbook — Best of Bear — offers fifteen kid-friendly recipes, including nut burgers, wild greens pita pizza, hazelnut–chocolate chip cookies and a wild strawberry smoothie.

Readers can revisit their animal friends from Bear’s Winter Party and try out some fun forest-themed recipes in this playful story/cookbook, featuring exuberant art by Lisa Cinar.

“A fun, accessible first cookbook for the little foxes in our lives.” Kirkus, Starred Review

Kids Book of Canadian Immigration

The Kids Book of Canadian Immigration

Illustrated by John Mantha; published by Kids Can Press.

Canada is a diverse land with a rich immigration history. Our roots begin with the Aboriginal peoples who have lived here since time immemorial and extend to the wide array of newcomers who have arrived over hundreds of years from almost every part of the globe. People from more than 200 cultures now call Canada home — and each one has a fascinating story to tell. Many of their stories, past and present, and their amazing contributions to this country are told in these pages.

Featuring stories of ethnic groups, mini-profiles, maps, archival documents and first-person accounts, this richly illustrated title is a celebration of multicultural Canada and a comprehensive look at our fascinating immigration history. (Check your library for a copy.)

• Information Book Award, Honour Book, Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada
• Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize, Finalist, BC Book Prizes
• Honor Book in Social Studies: K-6, Society of School Librarians International
• Our Choice starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
• Best Books for 2007, Resource Links

“This outstanding book takes readers on a journey through time, helping them to understand the cultural makeup of this country… Well-researched and informative, with the added appeal of personal anecdotes, this book has a definite place in any school or public library.” Canadian Materials Magazine

“The text explores the subject thoroughly and from a variety of vantage points… Memorable for their frankness are the first-person accounts from a group of young people ranging in age from 11 to 14, from countries like Russia, Ukraine and Chile. While each is delighted to be a new Canadian, many describe the losses and difficulties of all immigrants…” Globe and Mail

Kids Book of Canadas Railway

The Kids Book of Canada’s Railway

Illustrated by John Mantha; published by Kids Can Press

This is the story of Canada’s first transcontinental railway — the CPR, completed on November 7, 1885. It was one of the longest, most expensive, most challenging engineering feats in the world. This book tells the dramatic tale of the people who built, operated and rode the Canadian Pacific Railway. It documents the enormous challenges they faced and how the railway evolved over time to help shape the Canada we know today.

• Winner, Information Book Award, Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada
• Our Choice starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
• Silver Birch Award, shortlist, Ontario Library Association
• Red Cedar Award, shortlist
• Alcuin Society Book Design Award, Honorable Mention

“This book is a blueprint for the successful Canadian history book for kids.” Times Colonist

“A book for fans either of Canadian history or trains. It documents the mammoth task of constructing a railway across an unknown and unfriendly terrain. It talks honestly about the issues involved and the consequences of the decisions made that still have ramifications today.” Canadian Materials Magazine

“Deborah Hodge, whose grandfathers worked for the CPR, communicates a real love of her topic.” St. Catherine’s Standard

Bear's Winter Party

Bear’s Winter Party

Bears Winter PartyIllustrated by Lisa Cinar; published by Groundwood Books

Bear loves his forest home, but sometimes he gets lonely. It’s hard being the biggest animal around. So he comes up with a plan to make friends with the other forest creatures. He invites the animals to a winter party in his den. He decorates his home, lights a roaring fire, and bakes delicious treats. But as the night grows dark, Bear worries that his forest neighbors may be too frightened to come. Just when he is about to give up hope, Bear spots Deer peeking out from behind a tree…

Bear’s Winter Party is a gentle story of friendship that will warm your heart on a cold winter day.

It includes a recipe for Bear’s own Honey Ginger Cookies.

• Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
• Chocolate Lily Award, shortlist

“The stylized watercolor and pencil illustrations are beautiful… this is a worthwhile seasonal selection with an emphasis on friendship.” School Library Journal

“Lisa Cinar’s soft watercolour and pencil crayon illustrations illuminate Bear’s emotions and help young readers to understand the book itself is a recipe for friendship.” Canadian Children’s Book News

Bears Winter Party

West Coast Wild

West Coast Wild: A Nature Alphabet

West Coast Wild: A Nature AlphabetIllustrated by Karen Reczuch published by Groundwood Books

This book is a celebration of nature on the Pacific west coast — a magnificent area that combines an ancient rainforest, a rugged beach and a vast, open ocean, and where whales, bears, wolves, eagles and a rich variety of marine species thrive in an interconnected web of life,

• Winner, Information Book Award, Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada
• Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
• Featured Book for Elementary Schools, 2016, Vancouver Elementary Principals and Vice Principals Association
• Silver Birch Express Award, shortlist, Ontario Library Association
• Chocolate Lily Award, shortlist

“To say the book is simply a nature alphabet is an understatement. Altogether, the 26 selections create a panoramic experience in print—East Coast dwellers will want one of their own.” Kirkus Reviews

“Hodge’s forthright narration offers details about familiar creatures like bears, cougars, and orca, but she sneaks in some surprises, too . . . [Reczuch’s] precisely drafted illustrations find majesty and beauty in the creatures, vegetation, and landscapes that make the Pacific Northwest so distinctive.” Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

West Coast Wild: A Nature Alphabet